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Millennium Harp Quest

Harping for Harmony sponsors Millennium Quests for harpers. The concept is to declare a quest for a one-year period that will stretch your comfort zone as a musician and provide a community service to your locality.

Joining this program, I have declared my own Millennium Quest for 2003:

  I, Jo Morrison, declare my quest to become "Impromptu Millennium Harper for Maryland." I will strive to overcome my shyness to play when I am not booked or invited to, and instead will play impromptu performances wherever I have a harp and a reasonable location to play. This could be at a fast food place on the way to a gig or at a cemetery after a funeral or at a friend's house. It could also be in my own living room when I have guests over. It could end up being anywhere, anytime, and for any length of time. I will attempt to do this during 2003 every time opportunity arises, with a goal of doing this at least 25 separate times during the year.  

This Quest was declared March 13, 2003.

Harping Hands

Below are write-ups for each act of impromptu harping. In order to ease downloading, these have been grouped into a set of separate webpages with five per page. Click on the group header to get the top of that group's page; click on an individual entry to go straight to the description of that performance.

Sixth Group
  30. Hogmany Party, Germantown, MD
29. Future Care Extended Care Center, Owings Mills, MD
28. Heritage Honda, Westminster, MD
27. Church Office, Westminster, MD
26. Unity Church, Frederick, MD

Fifth Group
  25. Private home, Cheverly, MD
24. Heritage Honda, Westminster, MD
23. Adventist Hospital, Takoma Park, MD
22. Adventist Hospital, Takoma Park, MD
21. McDonald's, Havre de Grace, MD

Fourth Group
  20. Private Home, King George, VA
19. Maryland Renaissance Festival, Crownsville MD
18. New Minister Reception, Westminster, MD
17. Belle Grove Square, Westminster, MD
16. Maryland House, Route 95, MD

Third Group
  15. Common Ground on the Hill, Westminster, MD
14. Oberlin Scottish Arts School, Oberlin, OH
13. Germantown, MD
12. Falls Church, VA
11. Omega Drive, Rockville, MD

Second Group
  10. Westminster Municipal Park, Westminster, MD
9. Falls Church, VA
8. Takoma Park, MD
7. Private home, King George, VA
6. Maundy Thursday Service, Westminster, MD

First Group
  5. Allergist's Office, Owings Mills, MD
4. Omega Drive, Rockville, MD
3. St. Paul's Blood Drive, Westminster, MD
2. McDaniel College, Westminster, MD
1. Boardwalk Gazebo, Havre de Grace, MD

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