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Millennium Harp Quest (part 5)

Harping for Harmony sponsors Millennium Quests for harpers. The concept is to declare a quest for a one-year period that will stretch your comfort zone as a musician and provide a community service to your locality.

Jo declared her own Millennium Quest on March 13, 2003.

25. Private home, Cheverly, MD

I brought my lap harp with me to "christen" a friend's new home with music. It didn't work out that I got to play there, but on the way we stopped to have a short visit with Wayne's parents. Since I had my harp along, I got it out and played a few familiar tunes for them. They even asked me to play "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen," which I hadn't played in ages, and never without music, and I was pleased to be able to pull it off reasonably.

24. Heritage Honda, Westminster, MD

On October 30th I brought my car in for service, and brought my lap harp with me to pass the time while waiting. I played for about a half-hour while they worked on my car. I received a huge number of comments while there, for the low number of people actually at the dealership. When I arrived no customers were waiting. I started tuning up and immediately a salesman asked about the harp. Then another came by and talked to me about the difference between the Celtic harp and hammer dulcimer. A third mentioned that it was very therapeutic, which she really appreciated. Several others said they were enjoying it or that it was pretty.

Near the end of my time there, a lady with two children arrived for service and sat quietly watching as I played. She told her children it was a harp, and they seemed entranced. She asked a lot of questions about how long I've played and if I was available for hire, etc. She took one of my Harping for Harmony brochures and this was good publicity for both me and the program. It was also a very good way to pass the time while waiting.

23. Adventist Hospital, Takoma Park, MD

I returned to the hospital on October 23rd to check on my relative, while on my way to a harp lesson. I again brought my small harp along, and played for her in ICU as she was getting ready to be moved to another room. She was totally thrilled that I had stopped by to play for her, and she told everyone that came in to the room to help prepare her for her move all about me and my harp playing. It was quite an ego boost to have someone talk so positively about me while I was right there listening in.

22. Adventist Hospital, Takoma Park, MD

A family member had surgery on October 22nd, and my husband and I went to the hospital the day of the surgery to wait with the rest of the family, and to visit once she was up to having visitors. I brought my lap harp along just in case an opportunity arose to play for her -- I knew she was going into ICU for the night following the surgery, but I thought the lap harp might be quiet enough to use in that situation, and small enough. She had noticed that I carried the harp in with me, and after they had her settled in ICU, she immediately asked if I'd brought it to play, and asked me to play. I played quite a few tunes for her while she rested/relaxed. She was extremely appreciative.

21. McDonald's, Havre de Grace, MD

I had a wedding job in Havre de Grace on September 27th. It was a lunchtime wedding (ceremony starting at 2 PM, my music starting at 1:30) and there was no time for me to stop for lunch beforehand. I stopped at the local McDonald's on the way out of town afterwards, to pick up a bite to eat. The McDonalds seemed like a local hang-out, and had nice picnic tables in the shade. After eating, I took out my harp and played for about 25 minutes. The tables were in a part of the lot not many people were parked around, but after I started playing, everyone seemed to park there -- I think to see what was going on. Several people came back and ate in their cars in spaces around the area while I played.

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