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Millennium Harp Quest (part 4)

Harping for Harmony sponsors Millennium Quests for harpers. The concept is to declare a quest for a one-year period that will stretch your comfort zone as a musician and provide a community service to your locality.

Jo declared her own Millennium Quest on March 13, 2003.

20. Private Home, King George, VA

A repeat performance of an April concert -- this time for my Father's birthday on September 25th. I had to attend a meeting following this trip, so I only brought my small harp this time, but they seemed to enjoy the small harp just as much as the large one. I played several requests, as well as some familiar favorites and a couple of ones they didn't know.

19. Maryland Renaissance Festival, Crownsville MD

As a performer at the Maryland Renaissance Festival I have several assigned times and locations for performance throughout the day, with other time free and available. On September 14th I asked to play at a friend's store (The Purple Unicorn) at the festival between my scheduled sets, hoping it might draw in more customers, who might be attracted to the store by the music. Although she said she didn't think it brought in more customers, she said it set the mood for the existing ones, and she seemed very happy that I played. I also had several people stop and comment very favorably about my playing.

Jo playing at The Purple Unicorn, Maryland Renessaince Faire, Crownsville, MD

18. New Minister Reception, Westminster, MD

I had children dancing jigs and reels at the reception for St. Paul's UCC's new interim minister on Sunday, September 07. I had met the new minister a couple of days before, and she'd expressed a great interest in the harp. As we were leaving for church Sunday morning I happened to remember about the reception following the service and put the harp in the car in case an opportunity came to play. People were sitting around eating snacks and socializing when I began to play. The harp drew a number of the children over, who asked for a lot of specific tunes, danced to my Celtic repertoire, and generally had a good time. Two of them even stuck around to have a try on the harp before I packed up.

17. Belle Grove Square, Westminster, MD

I was asked to play a single piece for a community worship service on August 31st. There was a reception that followed, so I brought my harp over next to the refreshments and played for about a half-hour as people ate cookies and talked. In past years, the conversations were more separated across the park, in very small groups. This year, people seemed to stay closer to the refreshments, perhaps to hear the harp, and ended up chatting in larger groups.
Jo playing in Belle Grove Square, Westminster, MD

16. Maryland House, Route 95, MD

Jo playing at Maryland House rest area, Route 95, MD Returning from the Somerset Folk Harp Festival, I stopped by the "Maryland House" rest area on Rte. 95 on July 20 and played music at the picnic area there for about 20 minutes. I have no way of knowing how many people noticed or enjoyed my performance, but there were a number who definitely paid attention, especially kids. Several kids came up and watched, fascinated, dragging their parents along. There was a group at a nearby picnic table having dinner, and they stayed until right after I started to pack up, and then left. So, I'm guessing I probably entertained them somewhat as well. It was a really nice break for me, since we'd been traveling for quite some time and needed a chance to stand up and stretch. I think rest areas might be good locations for this sort of thing.

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