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cover of The Three Musics

Celtic harpers of old played the three musics: the music of mirth, the music of sorrow, and the music of sleep. Celtic music is a rich tapestry of these musics, and selections of each are presented here.

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5 of 5 Stars!
"This is my new favorite CD. I'm now a huge Jo Morrison fan, thanks to this CD and other CDs' and books of hers I've bought recently. She has great style that seems to me to be JUST RIGHT. I attempt to emulate her style in my playing. Maybe someday! Her "Rights of Man" and "Choirsdains' Lullaby" are particular favorites. I don't think anyone would be disappointed in a purchase of any of Ms. Morrison's work."

         Lynda Michalski

"Throughout the entire album, Morrison weaves traditional and more contemporary sounds to create an atmosphere that brings to mind both modern coffeeshops and halls of ancient kings. Trite? No. Beautiful? Yes."
         Ellen Rawson, Femmusic

"Being a Scottish Country dancer, it was thrilling to hear Strathspeys played at an appropriate tempo and with a strong "Scot's snap" that can't help but stir the toes and heart.
The Three Musics is a delightful foray into the heart of traditional Celtic music. Sound quality is mellifluous throughout, and engineering/mastering is skillfully wrought. Musical textures, ranging from sparse and haunting to rich complexity, make this album a wonderful addition to your personal music collection."

        Jennifer Pratt-Walter, The Folk Harp Journal

"For those who like a straight-forward approach with lots of excellent sets, this CD will definitely appeal."
         Heather Yule, Sounding Strings

"The Three Musics is a delightful mix of harp tunes that should please any fans of the instrument. Beware, however: It may send you to your bookshelves seeking tales of bards, heroes and gods to benefit from Morrison's nimble, atmospheric performance."
         Tom Knapp, Rambles

"Morrison is at ease with this authentic Celtic music, and lends to it a sense of honest exuberance I find refreshing."
        Darin Kelly, The Harp Column

"This recording will be an agreeable addition to the musical collection of harp music aficionados, as well as those listeners who enjoy the soothing sounds of the Celtic harp."
        Dirty Linen

The Three Musics is mostly traditional music from Scotland, Ireland, and the Shetlands Islands, but Jo has written several tunes for it as well.

Track Listing

The tunes are included on this album.

Total playing time: 64 minutes

Several complete tunes are available. These files are big, so don't expect fast downloads.

A number of other exceptional musicians have also contributed to this album. The guest musicians are:
Cathy Alles Flute
Paula Glendinning       Great Highland Bagpipe
Fred Lieder Cello
Walt Michael Hammered Dulcimer
Wayne Morrison Shuttle Pipe
Bobby Read Clarinet
Sue Richards Celtic Harp
Bonnie Rideout Fiddle, Viola
Rick Schmidt Cello

Ordering Information

To order The Three Musics, send check or money order to:
 Jo Morrison
 2537 Marston Rd.
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CD:  $15
Cassette:  $13, ($12 each for two or more)
Shipping: $7.75 shipping for priority mail for one or two CDs
e-mail for locations outside the USA, or for other domestic US mail options.

The Three Musics is available from:

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    It is also available at the Carroll County Arts Council Gallery in Westminster, Maryland.

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    Recording Info

    The Three Musics was recorded at Bias Recording, Springfield, Virginia. The album was produced by Heidi Gerber and Jo Morrison, engineered by Heidi Gerber. Mastering was by Charlie Pilzer and David Glasser of Airshow Mastering.

    Artwork and Design Info

    Artwork and packaging for The Three Musics and my triharpskele logo by Amanda Fisher, Pixelations, Inc. The album cover is Copyright © 1998 Jo Morrison, All rights reserved. The triharpskele logo is Copyright © 1998 Amanda Fisher and Jo Morrison, All rights reserved.
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