Upcoming Harp Workshops at Common Ground on the Hill

The Harp program will hold an exciting range of classes during the 2021 Traditions Weeks run by Common Ground on the Hill. We will have three weeks of harp classes, along with many music, arts, spoken word, and other classes. You can take anywhere from one to five classes each of the three weeks.

For more information about Common Ground on the Hill and its programs, please visit its website: https://www.commongroundonthehill.org/.

The new Common Ground on the Hill website is expected to be up at the beginning of April. At that time you will be able to see other non-harp classes available, and also register online. Until the new website goes live, I wanted to let people know ahead of time about all the harping opportunities at Common Ground on the Hill this Summer. All classes will be on Zoom this year.

Class times (all Eastern Daylight time):
  Morning:   1st period:9am - 10:15am
    2nd period:10:30am - 11:45am
 Afternoon:   3rd period:1 pm - 2:15pm
    4th period:2:30pm - 3:45pm
    5th period:4 pm - 5:30pm
  New structure for choosing classes!

With our all-virtual class schedule, you will be able to choose classes à la carte, from across the three Traditions Weeks! Tailor your schedule to meet your availability!

New pricing structure: Individual classes will now be just $100 for a full week of classes, with a discount applied with every 5th class - no matter what week they are in!

Enroll right from the class description, for ease of building your schedule.

The harp classes by week are given below.

Week 1, June 28-July 2

Teachers are Nicolas Carter and Jo Morrison

Class descriptions:

Week 2, July 5-July 9

Teachers are Rachel Hair and Jo Morrison

Class descriptions:

Week 3, July 12-July 16

The teacher is Jo Morrison

Class descriptions: