Details and Musings about my Sabbatical

my cottage

Some folks have been asking how things are going for me in Scotland, so here is a summary of my time so far. There's a full accounting of our trip, with (nearly) all the gritty details, presented in segments on the pages linked below. It gets a bit long, so if you only want highlights, look for the bold text for descriptions, or look at the photos included with the descriptions, but skip the text.)

12/29 1/7 From Scotland to Germany

Departed BWI on Icelandair, changing planes in Reykjavik, Iceland. Arrived in Glasgow.

Glasgow/Edinburgh to Dumfries

Arrival in Germany and harp building course

A bit of German tourism before returning "home" to Scotland

Jo's harp

1/8 to 1/13 From Edinburgh to Lewis: The BIG storm

our day with Andrea

travel/crossing the minch/arrival

out of touch/facing the storm

1/14 to 1/19 Some Touristy Stuff

meeting harp students/lessons with Wendy

Lewis tourism

Wayne's departure

1/19 to 1/26 Alone and Not Teaching

On My Own

Meeting People

Harp Lessons

Lessons Begin!

Taking Advantage of Having Time Alone

Iolaire Memorial, Stornoway

Lunch, Lesson Schedule, Museum, Sunset

Friends and Northern Lights

The "Easy" Walk Around Carloway

Butt of Lewis at High Tide

Andrea's Visit

Cemetery Walk

Arnol Area

Gorgeous Weather and Cheyenne's Visit (2/17 - 2/21)

Wendy, lessons, Cheyenne's arrival, Sascha and Angeles

Saturday with Cheyenne

Sunday with Cheyenne


Gorgeous Weather Continues and the Trip Home -- 2/22 - 3/6

Final lessons, good and bad

Walks around Tolstachaolais

Final Weekend

Uig Walks

Uig Sands

The Journey Home

No more to come.