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Jo's recording, Christmas Gifts, features a variety of traditional Christmas carols from various countries, both familiar and the less well-known, this CD will help put you in the holiday spirit. The myriad of emotions of the Advent and Christmas season are embodied by the improvisational performances, sensitively played by Jo on the Celtic harp. Featuring 18 tracks, including 15 harp solos, and 3 with Wayne Morrison on shuttle pipe joining Jo.

It's an album of honest and touching performances with the clear, simple tones of the celtic harp -- her Christmas gift to you. Simply beautiful."
         The Harp Connection

Christmas Gifts

Griffin Humphries, my husband's grandfather, would always greet family and friends with a hearty "Christmas Gifts!" on Christmas morning. The family has adopted this custom and greets each other the same way. In researching this album, I discovered this custom extends far beyond my husband's family. It was a greeting used in the American South during the 1800s. In some areas, it was used by poorer folks as a Christmas Day greeting and request for a gift from their richer neighbors. Those who had gave coins or other small gifts to those who had not.

I have these wonderful Christmas carols and a harp to play them on, so this is my Christmas Gift to you.

cover of Christmas Gifts!

  For an elegant Christmas, be sure the candles are lit, the pine is fresh, the wrapping is crisp and the soundtrack comes from Jo Morrison's Christmas Gifts. ... It all meshes together exquisitely, flowing from piece to mellow piece without pause or hesitation; left on repeat, this CD could play all evening and never grow tiresome. ... Unwrap this Christmas gift early and invite the Morrisons into your home for the holidays. You'll have them back again each year.
  Tom Knapp, Rambles

  These eighteen tracks contain the meaning of the season within them, and will bring joy to the heart of any listener. Seasonal music from around the world, all given a Celtic slant that renews the initial joy of the song. ... I find joy in the purity of the music itself where Christmas Gifts is concerned. I would have to give this one a definite recommendation for anyone who likes seasonal music, harp music, or both. Jo's third release is not to be missed!
Naomi de Bruyn, Linear Reflections

Solo harp, plus three tracks by Port Righ, with Wayne Morrison on shuttle pipes.

1. What Child is This? (3:37)
2. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (2:01)
3. Wexford Carol /
    Lo How A Rose E'er Blooming
4. Away in a Manger (2:04)
5. Let All Mortal Flesh (2:28)
6. O Come, All Ye Faithful (2:07)
7. O Little Town (2:10)
8. Angelus ad Virginem /
    The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came
9. The Friendly Beasts
Complete Tune
10. Silent Night (3:10)
11. Over the Hill and Over the Dale (2:27)
12. Hark the Herald (2:00)
13. A La Nanita Nana (1:50)
14. The First Noel (2:49)
15. Christ Child Lullaby (1:55)
16. In the Bleak Midwinter /
      He Smiles in the Cradle
17. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (4:28)
18. I Wonder as I Wander* (2:48)
  The first song is one of my favourites of the season, "What Child is This?" Jo gives it such a poignant feel that one can almost feel the wonder and amazement of the initial birth. The riffs and runs are smooth as silk, and bring a contented smile to the listener.
Naomi de Bruyn, Linear Reflections

Total playing time: 50 minutes

© 2003 by Jo Morrison.
All rights reserved.
Triharpskel Productions
All arrangements by Jo Morrison.
* I Wonder as I Wander is copyright by John Jacob Niles, through G. Schirmer, Inc., licensed by the Harry Fox Agency, song number I00181, license number 1030831674.

Produced by Heidi Gerber and Jo Morrison
Engineered by Heidi Gerber at All Access Audio, Inc.
Mastering by Charlie Pilzer, Airshow Mastering
Cover Art and Layout by Jo Morrison

Thanks to all of my fans who kept asking for this until I finally got around to doing it.

Instruments on the CD: Dusty Strings 36B and Walsh shuttle pipe


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