The Song of the Selkie
(A new folktale with music)

Scottish storyteller Heather Yule tells an original musical story featuring performances by a variety of harpers from the Washington Area Folk Harp Society. The Song of the Selkie is the story of Sandy, a selkie, whose sealskin is stolen from her, leading her on a long and arduous journey to recover it. The premier performance of The Song of the Selkie was recorded live at the 2000 benefit concert for the Washington Area Folk Harp Society.

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More than a simple story based on selkie legends, The Song of the Selkie is about trust, friendship and forgiveness, as well as the rewards of being open to life's many possibilities. ... My children listened to this CD with me, and we were all enraptured. The Song of the Selkie is destined to be a family favorite.
Donna Scanlon, Rambles

"Something I am always looking to find, and usually never do, is a way to return to that childhood sense of wonder and delight over something seemingly magical. You know the feeling, all warm and snugly safe, grinning like a fool and holding your breath to see what happens next. Magic never happens when you are actively looking for it, but as soon as you stop, "BOOM!" There it is, right before you. Such is the case with this CD."
Naomi de Bruyn, Green Man Review

Reviews from CD Baby:

Loved the CD! (5 stars)
I listen to this CD frequently as I enjoy both the harp music and the storytelling. A great combination!


Great CD, wonderful music and story (4 stars)
Great CD! It keeps my kids enthralled, especially in the car. The harp music is beautiful, the story is interesting and the narrator has a great story telling voice.

Lyn M.

Excellent story! (4 stars)
I listened to this CD on a long drive and it was the most enjoyable time in the car! The mix of storytelling and harp music was lovely. And one of my favorite songs, Chi mi na Morbheanna, is on it as well.


The live performances include Sue Richards' stellar original tune Aisling, Jennifer Kubina's beautiful rendition of The Mermaid's Song, and Ellen James' stirring vocals on Chi Mi Na Morbheanna.

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Listing of Tune Tracks: (story on odd numbered tracks)
2.Bonnie Dundeeall harpers
4.Lochaber No MoreGayl McDermott
6.O Chi, Chi Mi Na MorbheannaEllen James
8.The Great SilkieDebbie Eccles
10.Beloved GregorKelley Boyer
12.AislingSue Richards
14.Elegy for Rob Roy McGregorCynthia Cathcart
16.Oliver Jack/Jack Broke the Prison Door  Gayl McDermott and Abbie Palmer
18.The Old Woman of the MilldustSue Richards
20.Coolin HillsCynthia Cathcart and Jo Morrison
22.Arran Boat SongCynthia Cathcart, Ellen James, Gayl McDermott, Abbie Palmer, Sue Richards
24.Bressay LullabyJo Morrison
26.The Mermaid's SongJennifer Kubina
28.Neach NeamhshaoltaLily
30.Bonnie Dundeeall harpers

Other harpers: Kerry Bosley, Marguerite Kearney, Rick Kemper, Walt Lazear, Charlotte Roe, and Susan Wilzer.

85% of profits from this recording are donated to the Washington Area Folk Harp Society to support their educational programs.


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Washington Area Folk Harp Society

The Washington Area Folk Harp Society was founded in 1982 by a small group of friends who met to play tunes together. The society has grown to support more than 150 members, ranging from beginning harpers to professionals. It is the intent of the society to foster growth and experience for amateur and professional harpers alike, as well as to raise public awareness of the folk harp. This has been achieved through a variety of programs, including the annual benefit concert, which has supported educational programs of the society while providing a forum for professional and amateur harpers to play together in public.

The Benefit Concert 2000 provided a forum for harpers young and old, professional and amateur, to play solo and ensemble pieces within the context of an original story, as told by Scottish storyteller Heather Yule. This story was recorded live at the concert, and is presented here. Minor editing has been done to allow for a smoother flow of the story, but no additional recording was done, and performance idiosyncrasies were not digitally "fixed." This is very much a live performance.

About the CD

For organizational purposes, the text of the story appears on odd numbered tracks, while the music appears on even tracks. These are index numbers only. There is no added space between the tracks, allowing the story to flow as a whole.

All tunes traditional except Aisling by Sue Richards and Neach Neamhshaolta by Lily. Arrangements by the performers, except Oliver Jack/Jack Broke the Prison Door, arranged by Sue Richards. All tunes and arrangements copyright by the composers/arrangers.
Incidental music performed by Lily and Sue Richards.
Original story by Jo Morrison, as told by Heather Yule.
Cover art by Jennifer Yust.
The album cover is Copyright © 2000 by Jo Morrison, All rights reserved.

Recorded live by Jim Bigwood and Gordon Masters of Village Sound Company.
Recorded at University Baptist Church, College Park, Maryland during the WAFHS Benefit Concert on May 13, 2000.
Editing and mastering by Charlie Pilzer of Airshow Mastering.
Produced by Jo Morrison. Copyright © (P) 2000 by Jo Morrison. All rights reserved.

The WAFHS would like to thank the following people for their assistance with this recording:
University Baptist Church for the use of their facilities.
James and Jane Morrison for making arrangements for use of the facilities.
All of the harpers that contributed to this recording: Kerry Bosley, Kelley Boyer, Cynthia Cathcart, Debbie Eccles, Ellen James, Marguerite Kearney, Rick Kemper, Jennifer Kubina, Walt Lazear, Lily, Gayl McDermott, Jo Morrison, Abbie Palmer, Sue Richards, Charlotte Roe, and Susan Wilzer.

A Triharpskel Production.
This page Copyright © 2000-2010 by Jo Morrison. All Rights Reserved.