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Flights of Fantasy

Original Music for the Celtic Harp

Flights of Fantasy is Jo's latest recording. She is excited to present a collection of original music. A variety of influences inspired Jo in writing this music: family, dear friends, Scotland, the Northern Lights, and dancing bison. A wide variety of tunes are included on this CD: joyous airs, contemplative airs, dance tunes, and marches.

Jo plays both Celtic harp and electric harp on Flights of Fantasy. While most of the album is harp music, Jo has also returned to her musical roots by writing a lovely set of piano tunes which she also plays to great effect.

Port Righ join Jo for three of Flights of Fantasy's 16 tracks. This adds the savory flavor of shuttle pipes and English concertina to the sweet flavor of harp music.


cover of Flights of Fantasy

Track Listing:

Partial MP3 sound clips are available. Total Playing Time:  59 minutes

About the Cover:

The beautiful cover art from this CD is a monoprint colored pencil work by Shawn Lockhart. The piece is Sì Gaoitheor, or Fairy Wind, copyright 2004.


  Jo Morrison   Celtic harp; electric harp (12);
piano (7)
  Wayne Morrison   English concertina (1, 15);
shuttle pipe (6)


Album Production

Produced by Heidi Gerber and Jo Morrison.
Recorded by Heidi Gerber at all access audio.
Piano recorded by Jeff Gruber at Blue House Productions.
Mastered by Charlie Pilzer at Airshow Mastering.


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